Thursday, 14 March 2013

Encounter in a Graveyard

Penicuik Graveyard is where I while away the time before my dental operations as it's virtually next door to the dental clinic, is a very peaceful place to think things over, and it also puts the whole matter of dentistry into perspective. I can tell myself at the very least that it won't kill me!

Today it looked even lovelier than normal in the snow and I was slowly wandering up the path when from the corner of my eye I thought I saw movement. I stood still and slowly looked around and was taken completely by surprise when I spotted the deer. It saw me at the same time and for some moments (enough to take the picture) we stared at each other, till it thought better of this and ran nimbly away, hopped over the old wall and was gone into the wooded valley below.

Such a magical moment.


Terri said...

That is an amazing shot! I am sorry you had to go to the dentist, but I am glad it is located near such a site! I do hope your dental work went well.

Linda said...

Beautiful photo! Always enjoy the graveyard photos.


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