Saturday, 16 March 2013

Back to White

More snow today just as was forecast. And it wasn't that nice fluffy variety either but dirty wet stuff. It accumulated amazingly quickly and by lunchtime we had about 5 inches. It stopped snowing for a while then but has now begun again, even wetter. With a bit of luck it will turn into rain and disappear as fast as it arrived. Hope so, it's officially spring now. Our pheasant hen was back after being absent for over a week or so. She knows she gets peanuts if she turns up in time for bird feeding time. I was early today for that as I had planned to go Edinburgh but those ideas were scuppered when I took my first look outside and even more when I saw the TV weather forecast. Two missed meetings this winter, one evening and one day one which is not as good as last year but a lot better than the two winters before that.
Hopefully this is the sting in winter's tail and we won't have any more, although I remember that during our first winter here we had the tulips out when more snow arrived. That was April. At the moment it's only the snowdrops that are playing peekaboo  At the beginning of the week they were covered in snow, then they popped up for a couple of days and today they have gone back into hiding under their white winter coat. It was a bleak day! But on the plus side I gained a morning's work in the studio!

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Linda said...

Peanuts are the way to her heart, I never knew they would eat nuts. Fun photo.


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