Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pompom Play

Still no sign of a let up as far as the snow is concerned and another inch or so landed in the garden overnight. It made for a lovely scene to have a bit of fun in. You might be wondering why I felt it necessary to hang some pompoms in one of our trees. Well, first of all I had made them and wanted to photograph them (they will be my blip for today) but they also have a purpose. My friend, Gillian Cooper is one of the organizers of the PomPom Blossom Festival, which will be held in Balfron village (in Stirlingshire) in June for FabFest 2013 promoting visual arts in rural Stirlingshire. She aims to have at least 1000 pompoms hanging up in and around Balfron,  and wants everyone to make and send her as many pompoms as possible. You can read all about this project on the blogsite here, and you will also find Gillian's address there to send the pompoms to. The pompoms are also on Facebook. And if you buy the latest issue of the Homemade with Love magazine (issue 2, April/May 2013) you will find more info about the festival and how to make them too. 

I went to my stash of yarns and have so far made 9 pompoms using mohair in a variety of colours. Hopefully when I go to my quilt house group next week we will spend the evening making even more. If you're not sure how to produce these little beauties there are lots of instructions on the Pompom Festival blog and you can even buy kits there. I knew that I had a gadget to make pompoms and amazingly found it on my first attempt of searching my studio. It's made by Clover and it makes pompoms in 2 different sizes. However  it's  perfectly possible to simply use cardboard. Plenty of videos about pompom making are also on YouTube.

I thought I would have my own little pompom art installation in our garden this morning and they looked gorgeous in the snowy surroundings, although I was shocked to find the untouched snow in our front garden reached to almost my knees.

When I was installing and photographing the pompoms (hell of a word to type!) it struck me that they would look gorgeous on a christmas tree! Now there's a thought.


theresa martin said...

I have been seeing other pom poms on the web today, now I know why! Such a fun project to be part of. They look great in your garden.

Gillian Cooper said...

Frieda, these are amazing! Thank you so much. Can't wait to see them hanging in Balfron.

Pink Bicycle Girl said...

These are so cute, love the colours and look great in mohair. What a lovely idea

Linda said...

Fun to see the colors against the snowy background. Mskes a great photo.

Linda said...

Frieda your pompoms sure do brighten up that wintry scene beautifully! I love the yarn and colors you chose.Fun!


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