Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Snowstorms and Christmas Trees

Who can be surprised that weather tends to be the main topic of conversation here in Scotland? It always seems to take us by surprise. Despite the fact that the conditions had been forecas,t the view outside first thing this morning still managed to make me gasp. A snowstorm was raging and we had about 6" of snow already. And it has continued to snow. I was weary of my camera in the drifting snow and the first picture of the day was taken from the safety of our greenhouse, looking out over the front garden in the general direction of the Pentlands, which were totally lost to sight.

But the snow is drifting in one direction only, the wind coming from the North East,  so as long as I kept my back to it, it seems relatively okay to continue to take more pictures. This is the lane disappearing in the distance, covered in virginal snow, and undisturbed by any vehicle tracks. A condition that I would guess will continue during the day. The foot prints I made going up in this direction had already disappeared again by the time I turned around to go back.
This is the entrance to the old railway path right next to our house where we walk our dogs. It was hard to capture a picture of the snow drifting but this gives you some idea. On the right is the old railway bridge over which our lane runs. Even the house of our nearest neighbour can barely be distinguished.
But of course the dogs still have to be walked whether we like it or not (not!!). One of them thinks this is just the greatest fun and jumps about, leaps up and down, throws up snow with great glee and has a wonderful time while the other (greyhound) dog looks at me accusingly, asking why she has to be subjected to such misery. This despite the fact she is wrapped up in a fleece, a raincoat and a snood which covers most of her face including her ears. Not a happy bunny, nevertheless!
The forest had taken on the look of a magical winter wonder land . I loved the textured quality of this photograph. I have to say that I had little idea what I was photographing as I just pointed the camera quick fast in the direction I thought looked interesting, clicked the button and immediately switched it off again to protect the lens. So I got some rather strange results but also some good ones like the one above.

I don't have to fret about missing the meeting of the Peebles Embroiderers' Guild tonight as it has been cancelled! So all we can do now is huddle by the fire and my studio heater, listen to a podcast and stitch away.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Lovely photos and story : ))

Linda said...

We've had snow storms again also. One on Friday left us with about 4" and the one on Sunday and Monday shut down businesses and schools. I don't know how much we have from that but we are up to the rooftops with snow. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, hard to believe when I look out the window. I like snow but right now I'm liking Spring more.

Linda said...

I know just how that walk felt as you know we had similar weather on Sat. and then again this Tues. AM.Thankfully there wasn't a big accumulationand by afternoon the sun was out and melted almost all of it away:) Your snow scenes are beautiful!


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