Sunday, 17 March 2013

Goosy goosy gander

Can you suffer from cabin fever after only one day consigned to home? Probably not but I nevertheless wanted to escape for a bit today. We drove to Carmichael Mill to treat ourselves to pear and ginger jam (me),and plum chutney (John) and while there bought some food for the geese pair we had spotted from the car park.

They were incredibly greedy, specially him. I was quite relieved that I was taking the photographs while John's hand was almost bitten off in the process of handing out the treats!
 When we came home we discovered that our internet had gone done and as it showed no signs of wanting to come back I downloaded my blip for the the day (as seen above) onto my iPad, got back into the car and drove to a layby up the road where I knew I could get 3G coverage and uploaded that as well as this blogpost with only the picture above showing, using Blogsy. Fortunately the broadband eventually returned but too late to switch on my computer again and add the other photographs I took, which is why I'm doing it today (Monday).

This was the other close contender for my daily blip picture. It was John"s favourite, probably because she didn't try to take his hand off!


Terri said...

Oh they do look hungry! Do you still have all your fingers???
What great energetic photos!
Sorry to hear about your internet connection. You are a committed blipper and blogger, as you are willing to go out in a car and drive to a spot with converge! lol!

Linda said...

John was brave for certain. Those geese sure can get aggressive!! Great shots tho. Ever try plum chutney with carmelized onions? DELISH!

Linda said...

Jams and chutney sounds like a winner to me. My only encounter with geese was a lot of loud hissing. Should have given them something to eat.


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