Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hiding Behind A Mask spread

My Unmasked Sketchbook is talking shape nicely and this is another spread I made for it. You will see the link for this project in the sidebar too. It's part of the Capes, Masks and Tights 2014 tour of the Sketchbook Project which will take in Brooklyn, Boulder, Santa Fe and Wichita. I'm ignoring the Capes and Tights, and concentrating all my efforts of the Masks. If you want to see my previous spreads in this sketchbook as well as previous ones I made for the Sketchbook Project you can click on the Sketchbook Project tag below this post or in the sidebar. Eventually this sketchbook like the previous ones will also be digitized and you can find that on the Sketchbook site here.
 All my spreads are made by collaging small scraps of paper onto the pages, mainly coming from mail order catalogues, using matte medium, then adding colour using watercolour paint with the additions of Faber Castell Gelatos (love them!) as well as stamping and doodling.  The mask is fabric and has also been adhered with matt medium. All this collaging makes the pages of the sketchbook much thicker and I have therefore only used half the pages in the sketchbook and sewed those pages together with the remaining empty pages to give them more sturdiness as well as reducing the thickness of the sketchbook which is not to be more than 1" thick.You can see that stitching along 3 sides of the pages in the top picture.
I love all the additional texture of the collaging and the "happy accidents" that occur when glueing in the initial paper scraps, as happened for instance in the presence of that little face you can see bottom left in the above picture. No idea it had landed there till the page was done!

Further good news came my way as my 52 Journals made last year (one journal quilt for every week of 2012) will be exhibited at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show on from 15th - 18th May coming up. I'll try and be there myself too for some if not most of the time so if you're going, come and say hello. I'm in the Riverside Parish Church together with Ineke Berlijn and Gillian Cooper. It should be fun! More nearer the time.


theresa martin said...

I love the added mystery in these Mask pieces. This will be a great book.

Linda said...

You know how I'd LOVE to be going to the Loch Lomond showing-congrats Frieda!! Your sketchbook pages are so wonderfully composed and layered. Love em!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Dear Frieda, I just did a catch-up and learned that your 52 journals are going to be exhibited at the Loch Lomond show in a few weeks . . . you must know how excited I am for you!!! I wish I could stand there in front of them and gaze with wonder, but alas since I won't be able to, please take photos!!! Love, lenna


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