Thursday, 4 April 2013

Klimtesque 4

This is my latest contribution for the Journal Quilts I'm making this year for the Contemporary Quilt Group. My inspiration for all these journals is the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.and they are all sized 12 x 8".

The detail I choose to interpret in fabric for this month was his portrait of Margarethe Stonborough-Wittgenstein, painted in 1905. You can see the detail at the bottom of this blogpost.

The quilt uses batik fabrics, a commercial cotton featuring Klimts spirals and gold lame. It was machine pieced, hand and machine quilted, hand appliqued and hand beaded.
As you can see above I stiched quite a large part of the JQ with gold thread and although this was a tedious task it paid off in a lovely effect!
I'm sorry the blog for this JQ is not as extensive as usual but Blogger seems to have quite a few logistical problems and I have been trying to upload this post since early this morning. Sometimes the frustrations of the internet are almost more than I want to cope with. Just hope they sort it out before long. All my other internet issues from yesterday have been resolved so I'm assuming it's Blogger rather than me that is at fault!
Portrait of Margarethe Stonborough-Wittgenstein 1905 detail

I'm adding links  and revising the text just a bit as it appears Blogger has decided to cooperate with me again. The picture order isn't what I originally planned but I'm leaving it be for the moment. This day was frustrating enough already! Would you believe we received another 2 cm or so of snow overnight as well. Will it ever end?!

Combined with the feeling that I was hitting my head against a very hard brick wall this was not my best day ever. But I have another Blip meeting to look forward to tomorrow and hopefully that will be a much more enjoyable time.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

You amaze me over and over again. Wow, this is spectacular Frieda. I see you growing as an artist, all the time!!!! LOVE! xo

Jill said...

There can never be too much Klimt, beautiful interpretation.

theresa martin said...

Your results are fabulous. I am loving the Klimt series. Hope your next day is less frustrating. I switched over to Wordpress and find it much better to use than blogger.

Elizabeth said...

Adore what you are doing here Frieda!!!

Terri said...

This is an amazing piece! I adore your design choices, the colors, the textures, the embellishments...all fab! Every little choice adds to it's intricacy. And for me the piece that makes it just right, is the circle that crosses over the line of the black(?) quilted area. Perfection!
I am sorry you are experiencing internet issues....bummer. Hope that gets better soon.


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