Friday, 5 April 2013

Vive Memor Lethi

 There is only one thing better than blipping a photo and that's meeting up with fellow blippers. I was lucky enough to meet up with Geraldine today and we had a lovely time together. On the way home I was thinking about all things blip and when driving through Eddleston on a whim took a turn off the main road to renew my acquaintance with the graveyard there. If you are interested in more pictures you can find them on an earlier blogpost here.
Today I concentrated my efforts on this monument which is now set into the wall of the present church building but which more than likely came from either a table grave or out of a previous church building as it dates from the 17th Century. The engraving is completely illegible and I'm endebted to Sheila A Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions pre 1855 for the following information regarding it:
"This has a shield in relief in each corner, the two lower shields being unblazoned while the upper ones are charged. Between the latter pair there is a helmet with a wreath and, for crest, a boar's head, and below them are boldly carved consoles, flanking a raised panel on which can be seen some traces of a long inscription, now completely illegible.
Below this panel there are a skull and a thigh bone surmounted by a label inscribed VIVE MEMOR LETHI (live mindful of death)....The panel may possibly be associated with the family of Tennant of Cairns, which was connected with the lands of Harehope in the middle of the 17th Century.

If you're looking for more information on the VIVE MEMOR LETHI inscription which I have found quite a few times on gravestones now I did quite a bit of research on that subject and the results can be found in a blogpost here.

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