Saturday, 27 April 2013


We met up with our friends and had a lovely lunch at their house before going to Newhailes, a property now run by the National Trust for Scotland and very close to the river Forth. The house dates back to the 17th Century and was added to lavishly when it came into the possession of the Dalrymple family early in the 18th. There are guided tours for the house but we had a gorgeous time walking around the beautiful grounds in the lovely sunshine. It makes such a difference when there are blue skies!

I think these are white wood anemonies of which there were many. Apparently the grounds are rich in bluebells too so we must remember to return and catch them in flower!

Above on the horizon line you can just catch a glimpse of the river in the distance.

All through the grounds there are these metal plaques with information about the various places of interest.

And this is the outside of what once was a shell grotto. The textures were incredible.

A monument to one of the members of the Dalrymple family with an obelisk, no doubt acquired during a Grand Continental Tour that was almost obligatory to members of the aristocracy during the 18th Century.

This is the side view of the house itself.

And here is the grand entrance. We're definitely planning a return visit as I would love to see inside the house and explore the grounds some more.



Linda said...

I love these magnificent old buildings!!! Thank you for sharing the lovely walk with me-and please DO tour the inside and tell me all about it :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Gosh, I found that fascinating Frieda and went to the web site to read all about it! If I were in scotland I would goo there with you . . . I read about "behind the scenes" tours of the home and a wildflower walk. I also read the grounds were dog friendly, although if I remember right, your dogs would not enjoy the car ride . . . there was also weather on the site and I see it is around 10C (50F -warming up) and on tuesday is supposed to be sunny!! As you can tell I really enjoyed your post and wish I could see Christian's gardens with you, but will suffice with your beautiful photos and enjoy the info via your writing! xo

Linda said...

Interesting place and I do hope you get to visit again. Lots of opportunities for great photos.


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