Friday, 19 April 2013

See Me Blip

On this beautiful spring day, the first one we've had so far this year, I was going to treat my Blipfoto followers as well as the readers of this blog to a sunshine picture of flowers and below you can see some of the contenders for the top spot. But before I could even start to think about which one to pick John arrived back with the papers, among them the latest edition of our local one, the Peeblesshire News, a once weekly publication, also published on a Friday. Idly I leaved through it looking for the latest local gossip. And suddenly I was staring at my own face and one of my own journal quilts. What a treat! I think I actually gasped.

I'm in there as a local Blipper who has made it into the See Us exhibition organized jointly between the Blipfoto site and Creative Scotland. I did know this was going to happen but had been sworn to secrecy so far. An official photographer (John James) had been to the house some time ago to take my portrait (you did a great job!) and it must have been Blipfoto who contacted the Peeblesshire News. And tonight my own John and I are going to the official opening of the exhibition in Edinburgh during which event I will also receive a copy of the book published to accompany the show. It's in the Creative Scotland Exhibition Space on the 1st Floor of Waverley Gate. The exhibition will be on there till the 27th May and will then travel to a venue in Glasgow.

To say I'm pleased is a serious understatement; over the moon and elated cover it a lot better and by that beautiful serendipity that makes life worth living, the quilt they are featuring in the paper above is called Spice of Life. You bet!!
I also wanted to share the flower pictures as they reflect the happy mood of the day. Above more blue chionodoxa, putting up a gorgeous show and multiplying every year, to my great delight. We must go and buy some white ones too now we know they thrive in our garden.
And the soldiers and sailors have appeared out of the ground too, like good little warriors!


Jewels said...

Congratulations Frieda - what a lovely surprise! Enjoy the event and let us know all about it afterwards...

Terri said...

I am so thrilled for you Frieda!
What a treat to see yourself on the front page...and for a good!
I read all the article I could see. They did do a really good job of sharing about you and your quilts.
and your flowers are delightful!

Linda said...

Oh how absolutely fantastic Frieda!!! Congratulations!!! Your flower photos are beautiful as always. I look forward to hearing about your weekend event. Enjoy, and celebrate with some bubbly :)

theresa martin said...

Congratulations! Very happy for you ;)


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