Saturday, 20 April 2013

The day after

We had a wonderful time at the See Us preview last night, meeting up with felllow blippers, some I had met previously and some I only met online till yesterday. For once there was no need to worry about taking other people's photographs, something I'm always very hesitant to do, as on this occasion we were all at it, photographing each other as only blippers do. The band ended up in many pictures too. They were called Star Wheel Press and came from Aberfeldy. They provided the accompaniment to much blip chat going on. As we only knew each other by our blip user name that could be slightly embarrassing at times!
I tried to capture some of the pictures on the wall too in the process. The book is full of pictures and only a fraction of them were on display, but everyone could pick up their copy of the book and it was very flattering to be asked to sign my double page spread for other people. For a picture of John and me there check out this picture by another blipper 
After all that excitement it wasn't easy to get up early this morning for the meeting of the Thistle Quilters but I managed it and was rewarded by a gorgeous talk by Helen Cowans and a show of her beautiful work.
On my return home I did some gentle stitching and dog walking and decided to dedicate my blip to my Soldiers and Sailors (the official name of this plant is Pulmonaria saccharata). as the macro shot of the inside of one of the flowers (less than 1/2" across) proved fascinating and seemed to somehow sparkle, thus reflecting my present mood very well!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful account!! Thank you, I almost feel like I was there : ))

Linda said...

what fun to meet up in person with some of your fellow blippers Frieda! Your flower close ups are gorgeous too!

Celia Warren said...

Glad the opening went so well. And many congratulations!


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