Monday, 6 May 2013

Field of Dreams

Today was one of those days when beauty proved to be almost overwhelming and the camera could hardly keep up with the many flowers I wanted to picture. For the first time in quite a while we went to Dawyck Botanical Gardens to see what had started to bloom since our last visit. The daffodils were out and in fact some were almost over, but the greatest glory were the many rhododendrons flowering. Some are still to come so there will be more riches in the future but today already provided a luscious harvest. The choice of which one to use for my daily photograph on the Blipfoto site has me stumped at the moment. You will have to check it out there later!
 I love everything about these plants, such as their lusciousness
 their rich colour
 the transparency of the petals
and their wonderful warmth
But there was other beauty to saviour too, such as this lysichton americanus or skunk cabbage, the last a name that doesn't do it justice!
Don't you just love those details?
 And the trilliums were out too, both the white variety
and this stunning wine red one, called Trillium Erectum!

So we did indeed wander through a field of dreams but in fact the blog post gets it's title from a work of art I simply fell in love with at first sight. It's part of the exhibition presently on show at Dawyck, called The Enchanting, Fragile, Silent World of Flowers, by Carol Taylor. If you follow the previous link you will see a piece that's very much like the one we bought. Mine is titled Field of Dreams 4. If you want to know about her work you can find her website here.

You will notice in my photographs above that we were blessed with wonderful sunshine. We've been deprived so much in the past dark and cold months that I find myself literally gasping for it, and our Darjeeling tea and Viennese tartlets were consumed outside sitting in the sunshine. Oh the difference that makes, not just to my mood but to everyone else's too. People smile, greet each other kindly and laugh indulgently when they see you turning your chair to make the most of the warmth.


Jewels said...

wonderful Frieda - especially the trillium - the white trillium is the offical flower of the province I was born in - Ontario - and it is illegal to pick or dig up/replant them there! They should just be thinking about coming up now at my cottage back in Canada...

Linda said...

OMGoodness! Wonderful photos. the white Trilliums grow wild here but I've never seen the red ones. The growing in this part of the world are very tiny but can't take my eyes off them.

Terri said...

Oh so many beautiful images! I am sure you had a lovely time out in the sun amongst the flowers...with your camera! Yay for you! You took some amazing images! I love the Skunk Cabbage close up....that is just divine detail!
I am so glad you have sun for a change : )


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