Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Spring is here

Spring has arrived in our garden too and as today was another splendid day filled with warmth and sunshine we spend it weeding, tidying up and planting. And as far as I am concerned, also photographing and discovering. We planted the gunnera that we bought yesterday at the Botanic Gardens. it's only small at the moment but will hopefully grow up to be a giant! The leaves can end up being about 1 meter (approx. 44") and we might be able to walk underneath them. However that will require careful attention to keeping it well protected in the winter with straw and for the moment it also requires frequent watering.

In contrast I found this dainty little beauty in one of our troughs. It's a saponaria (or Soapwort) Bressingham and the little flower is only about 1 cm (1/2") diameter.

A lovely blue primula denticulata

and a modest, common or garden daisy, but how very beautiful it is. Just look at that wealth of petals and the lovely yellow centre. I'm going to try and stop John from mowing the lawn as long as possible to enjoy the sight of the many daisies and buttercups.

Set against the wall of the house this doronicum (or leopard's bane) looks fabulous too. It's very enjoyable to see all the extraordinary plants growing in the Botanical Gardens but our very own garden has just as many treasures! Specially in the sunshine.



Jewels said...

Love seeing all your blossoms Frieda - my daffodils are finally coming along (yep that's how far behind we are this Spring)

Linda said...

gorgeous blooms Frieda, and I am so happy that spring has reached you!

theresa martin said...

Hooray for Spring! Lovely photos of beautiful flowers.

Terri said...

How lovely to walk around your garden and see the spring flowers! Your photos are beautiful! I had my first roses a couple days ago and I was so excited to smell their beautiful fragrance! So refreshing!


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