Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Golden Mask Spread

I'm nearing the end of my Unmasked Sketchbook. Only one more page to finish before I can send the sketchbook back to The Sketchbook Project. It will then become part of the Capes, Masks, and Tights tour in 2014 and travel to Brooklyn, Boulder, Santa Fe and Wickita.
If you're a regular reader you will have realized by now that I'm ignoring the capes and tights and concentrating all my efforts on masks. In this case it's a golden fabric mask that has been added to a collaged background, created by glueing pieces of paper from mail order catalogues and the like to the page using matte medium and colouring the resulting spread using watercolour paints.
I then added stamping, doodling and washi tape for additional interest. As the pages in the sketchbook were not sturdy enough to cope with all these layers I sewed them together to make a thicker surface. This also meant I made less spreads than the original sketchbook had to offer, but I think it makes for a better and more longer lasting sketchbook as a result.

Despite my initial panic when I discovered that I had signed up for this particular themed tour by mistake (and once made you can't change it!) the challenge seems to have spurred me on to make what I think is my best sketchbook to date. If you want to see the other ones, they have all been digitized by the Sketchbook Project and you can find them online here.


Linda said...

Just gorgeous Frieda! Obviously serendipity brought you to such fantastic results and play with the theme. Well done!

Maggi said...

This is amazing, Frieda! What a great mistake picking this theme! lol

Terri said...

How amazing is that! I love it when we are stretched to express in a way we would have not chosen! Your masked journal has been a delight to watch you create...and now you are at the last page! Yay! How beautiful it is! I love the drawers in this spread...it adds an element of things hidden or tucked away. I guess a mask would hide things too eh? (that is my Canadian showing!).


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