Sunday, 26 May 2013

We're back at Dawyck

We haven't been to Dawyck Botanical Gardens for more than a fortnight and I was afraid we would miss the rhododendrons and azaleas flowering. But the weather has made sure that they are very late this year and we found plenty in flower but also a great amount of them still to start, so we will try and return again in the not too distant future to capture them.
 Even so today proved to be a veritable visual overload as well as a photographic orgy! I just couldn't stop taking pictures and here is just a small selection out of those I thought were the best ones.
It was a lovely surprise to find that the blue poppies for which the gardens are rightly famous have also begun to bloom. They are not quite at their full glory yet, but it won't take long now.
Love the view inside the flowers, 
and also those purple streaks on top.
 However when I spotted this mass of ferns uncurling I knew that I had found my blip for today.
 The only question was whether to go for the large mass of them or for the more detailed picture above. Check out which one I choose here.
 There were many other delights to admire in the gardens. New and fresh green is popping up everywhere and I loved this combination of green and the lichen covered tree trunks.
The linear arrangement can also be found in these bamboos.


Jewels said...

Oh my the colours are wonderful Frieda - I spent the day in my garden pulling weeds and trying to impose some kind of order to it but to no avail I am afraid - nothing as nice as what you saw at Dawyck....

Terri said...

Wonderful Frieda! You are so lucky to be visiting such beautiful places. Your flower close ups are magnificent! And, I really appreciate the beauty of mother nature as you have displayed in your fern images. Wow!
I am glad you had such a fine outing.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so many beautiful photos frieda... you have really done those flowers, ferns & trees justice!!!So glad you had such a replenishing day . . . xoxox

MargaretR said...

Wow! I love each and every one of these!


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