Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hiding spread

Sadly the sun has once again retreated behind dark clouds, the wind is up and it's raining, but the memory of yesterday's beautiful day still lingers. In the studio the next spread in my Capes, Masks and Tights sketchbook has been made, concentrating only on the Masks bit in the title. The spread has been made much like all the previous ones (if you want to see these, press on the unmasked label below this post or in the sidebar). Scraps of paper (mainly from mailorder catalogues but also including the wrappings of Amaretti biscuits) were collaged onto the page and painted over using watercolour paint. Stamping, doodling and outlining were added as shown.
You can see more of the details on these pages. The words are more used as graphic elements than as meaningful phrases.
The last thing I added was the fabric mask which was collage down using matte medium. The stitch lines you see are holding two pages together. I had to double the pages up as the pages in the Sketchbook send to me by the Sketchbook Project were too thin to cope with all that paint and glue. It also meanst I had less spreads to make which enhanced the quality of the individual spreads, I think.


Terri said...

It amazes me that you start with scraps of paper and end up with such fab collage! The doodling and mask really define this spread. Super!

theresa martin said...

I'm enjoying your mask pieces. I like the layering and depth you've achieved.

The sun will be back.


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