Thursday, 2 May 2013

Klimtesque 5 Journal Quilt

May has begun and even the weather seems to have received the message. And of course a new month also means another journal quilt on my Klimt theme for the Contemporary Group of the Quilters's Guild. All the Journal Quilts for the Contemporary Quilt Group are 12" x 8" and on the same theme for the entire year.
This time I have chosen a small detail from Klimt's panel The Embrace, in the Stoclet Palace, Brussels, 1909. Sadly the Palace is not open to the public so the beautiful frieze by Klimt is not available to view. Hopefully one day it will be!
I have used and will continue to do so, the same batik fabrics in all the Klimt journal quilts as I aim to put them together into one large quilt at the end of the year so I'm paying attention not just to each individual piece but also to fitting them all together in due course.

Like Klimt I have given myself over to lavish decoration including a lot of gold (which he was very fond of too) as well as beads and other embellishments as seen in detail above.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

the stitching & beading are supreme!! Love!

Linda said...

what a stunning and detailed piece Frieda-wow!!! What a shame Klimt's piece cannot be viewed for everyone to enjoy.


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