Friday, 24 May 2013

Let's dance

Finally I have spend an entire day in the studio! My soul is soothed and my spirits have lifted. Progress is slow but it is happening. Not making art, even though the reasons are art related, is utterly frustrating to me and after not very long I become utterly frustrated and yes, it has to be admitted, very grumpy.

Life is short and as my age advances I feel more and more like I can't waste time. Making my art is my destiny and it's up to me to create what lives in my mind into a finished piece. I feel if I don't do that I'm letting myself down. Funnily enough if you are self-employed, as I am, you can apparently hire someone in your stead while on jury duty. But if you're an artist, that simply would never work. No one but me can make my art. If someone else did, it would be their art! And I feel a huge responsibility towards my as yet unmade art. I need to get it done! Before my time runs out.

So being back to making, calms me. I'm doing my own art proud again.

Of course I'm never in the studio 24/7 (although I would like to be!). I take little breaks and wander in the garden where today the very first tulips have finally begun to flower. This is Ballerina and isn't she a pretty dancer?!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

she is so pointing her toes!! Loved your dance reference and I enjoyed your post today Frieda. I knew these things about you, but you writing about them brought it closer to me with a better understanding. I think you are a marvel and are so inspiring!! xo

Sharon Rotz said...

You've expressed it well. Life is short and we have a multitude of art chasing around inside of us. We have to take the time to release it.
I so enjoy your photos and artwork.


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