Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spring Escape

Rhododendron Sussex Heath

I feel I have been mentally absent for several weeks. Yes, I have managed to keep up with producing new posts here, several , it has be to said, ones I prepared earlier! After attending the Loch Lomond Quilt Show, setting up the exhibition there, and driving backwards and forwards for 180 miles every day, as well as speaking to people and being on my feet all day long last week, this week had other challenges. I was called for jury duty and reported for that yesterday.

At least, so I told myself, I would be sitting down, keeping my mouth shut, and the drive was 1/3 of the distance of last week. I don't think I convinced even myself but in the end it proved a whole lot less onerous than I had expected. And today after a lot of hanging around in and out of the courtroom, the prosecution decided not to continue with the trial any further.

window basket
I don't know about the other jury members but it felt like being let out of school early because a teacher was unexpectedly ill. Do you remember that feeling! Freedom! And the sun was shining. So once I had arrived back home I threw all caution to the wind, didn't even look at my endless To Do list (which includes filling in my tax return, yikes!) but instead installed myself with a quilting magazine in our greenhouse. It's in the sunshine and out of the wind and as a result felt tropical. And I read for the entire afternoon. How very decadent!

I know and feel that I haven't recovered completely from the past few weeks but I certainly feel 100% better than a few days ago. Tomorrow I might even take another day out if the weather is okay and go on a little photographic adventure. Then I hope to feel ready to put my nose back to the grindstone and tackle that tax form as well as everything else that had come to a full stop. Such as beading a 77" square quilt!

and another pansy

And I also hope to enjoy our garden where lots of plants have now finally found the courage to start putting on some flowers after the arctic conditions of the past months.



Jewels said...

Glad you enjoyed your unexpected freedom!

Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
I am so glad to hear you got an entire afternoon just to rest! You really needed that...and more...

I remember that feeling of unexpected exciting. One doesn't want to waste a gift like that with just a to do list! : )

We will always have more than enough to do....creative minds are like that. Some things can wait while we rest.

Your images here are so beautiful! You have capture these violas (johnny jump ups?) in all their brilliant color.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear frieda. i knew you had to drive, but 180 miles round trip?? geeeeeze! You deserve a couple of afternoons recouping, reading and eating chocolate!! A photo trip would certainly be in order too. The little violas you have photographed here so show your happiness in having gotten through last week! I especially love the the photo of the full basket where you can see the reflection of the still quite bare tree in the window. Like you are edging on flowers, sunshine and happiness with your plants, love this!! xxoo


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