Thursday, 6 June 2013

Klimtesque 6

It seems like much longer than a month since I last posted one of my Klimt Journal Quilts. I guess that must be because May was such a busy month, filled to the brim with all kinds of activities so it feels like it lasted forever. But June is here now and it's time for another Klimt themed journal quilt. I'm making these for the Contemporary Quilt group which is why they are all sized 12 x 8" and on one theme, in my case that's the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.
The detail I'm taking my inspiration from this month is from his painting Hope II, done in 1907 which you can see above.
I've used a piece of batik fabric as the background and machine appliqued it with gold lame circles, and then  batik circles appliqued on top of those, followed by a sparkling embellishment. The final touch was to surround the circles with size 11 seed beads in various colours.
The journal quilt was mainly hand quilted as you can see on the above detail. Eventually I hope to put all 12 finished Klimtesque journal quilts together to form one large one dedicated to Klimt, but that time is still quite a bit away. First I have to continue making my monthly ones.


theresa martin said...

This is breathtaking. Really loving the Klimt series.

Linda said...

I am just fascinated by your gorgeous interpretations Frieda, along with so many fine details!
PS I mentioned your blog redo in the last post-looks like an eror-For some reason only parts of your blog showed up the other day so I thought you had changed it :)


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