Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More flower delight and sunshine

I'm back behind my laptop to write this post. The wifi problems seem to have been sorted out, fingers crossed, and although I'm very happy I have that opportunity of posting from my iPad using my Three mobile broadband it's a lot more convenient to do it from the comfort of my own studio and more importantly with a keypad to type on using my usual all fingers method.
The sun is still shining although not continually like yesterday. But when it does pop out from behind the clouds there is real warmth in it. It seems almost unthinkable that less than 3 weeks ago I was still wearing my winter clothes and now I'm in shorts! A lot more colour has also appeared in our garden and no excuses for continuing to feature them here. Plenty of time to capture art, graveyards and the like when this period of high pressure leaves us again. For the moment it's the flowers that have my full and undivided attention.
Californian Poppy
I know that many photographers tend to avoid the midday sun but as for me, I love the shadows and sun flares it produces and think it adds, rather than distracts, from the pictures. I also have no truck with people who think that photographing flowers is a cliché and that it has all been done before. Not by me, it hasn't, and we all have our own unique perspective not just on flower photography but on life.
The pictures I take today capture one specific moment in time and place that will be forever unique as I was told in no uncertain terms when I first started to blip by Molly, who sadly is no longer with us in person although her words will continue to resonate in my mind.  And whenever I find myself thinking "I really shouldn't blip another flower" I listen to them and follow my impulse to not just take the pictures but blip them too!


Linda said...

First of all I love how you've updated your blog Frieda!! I SO need to do that but I desperately need my son's help to do it. Your flower photos are just exquisite -how I love flowers!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Dear Frieda, I think the California Poppy is my favorite. You have done such an excellent job of capturing these beauties, I feel I could reach out and touch them. And it is so good of you to remember Molly and how she encouraged you. i too, think you should take as many photographs of flowers as you wish!!! xo


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