Tuesday, 18 June 2013

One Moment in Time

Today the sirene song of Dawyck proved to be too strong to resist and I wound my way through the high and byways towards it, with the sides of the roads resembling a white cloud where hawthorn blossom and cow parsley met. I was only accompanied by the Canon and for the rest was alone with my thoughts.

First of all I again wandered up and down the azalea and rhododendron walk. It might have been my imagination but there seemed to be even more colour than on the last visit.

The garden was so quiet that I could imagine myself completely alone, with only my senses to guide me.

Eyes, of course

Iris Sibericus
Wild Orchid

but also smell and sound. The babbling of the water falls,

the honking of the pheasant cocks

the grasses rustling under my feet, the wind in the top of the trees, the call of the birds, combined to give shape to the sound of summer.

It was one of those perfect afternoons when life is sheer joy. A time to store that beautiful sense of happiness to sustain me into the future. Again it was almost impossible to tear myself away.

The garden however will always be there and I will return again many times, hopefully. The moments will never be the same again but those times yet to come will be just as lovely in their own way.

Darjeeling tea and Corn Poppy 8 by Carol Taylor provided the final pleasure.



Linda said...

all I can say is...just HEAVENLY and MAGICAL!!!

Jewels said...

lovely lovely lovely

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Now that I have read your entire post and seen not just the one photo I caught on tumblr, I can truly understand why you sid the quote I shared was so appropriate for both of our days . . . Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

absolutely gorgeous photography and diary of your beautiful moment in time,

Linda said...

What color! Beautiful day preserved by your photos. Taken with the blue poppies as always. Is that Queen Ann's Lace? I use to pick that as a child-considered a weed at that time- as still enjoy seeing it whenever I get the chance. Not considered a weed anymore I don't think. Photos are spectular!


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