Sunday, 16 June 2013

Infinite beauty at Dawyck

Some impulse made us visit Dawyck today despite originally planning a visit to an open garden in East Lothian. It was the right decision as even upon entering the visitor's centre we were told that the garden had reached it's zenith. And how true those words proved to be. The rhododendron and azalea walk was beyond belief or description. The colours, the scent, the visual impact, all were stunning. I think we must have walked up and down it about a dozen times. Me with camera in hand, of course. The above picture is taken looking towards Dawyck House

and this one in the opposite direction.

No words are necesssary or in fact adequate to describe the beauty and lusciousness of the individual flowers, so hope you will just enjoy this selection!

What a beautiful selection of colour combination for art, too!

Not just the flowers are delicious but I also love the way the leaves pop up lilke you can see above.

And then there were the fields of blue poppies!

And these fabulous irises. I couldn't help myself but sank to the ground in order to capture them even better.

The variety here is Iris Sibericus. Such a cold sounding name for a flower that has such beautiful patterning and colour. Afterwards we had a cup of tea and even after only having left the garden minutes before I already wanted to go back. We seriously considered it (well I did, anyway!). But the midges had been fierce and we had already walked for quite some time, so instead I gave in to another temptation and bought yet another gorgeous glicee print from Carol Taylor's exhibition. This one is called The Delicate Balance 5. It left me feeling breathless, and it will also be a lovely reminder of yet another very special day, filled with beauty. In all honesty I could so very easily buy all of her work!


If you're anywhere in the area go as soon as you can. This fabulous flower display won't last long and it doesn't happen every year either due to wind and/or rain. This year is pretty unique!



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The Pied Pedlar said...

Heavenly I to have just had a walk to see Azaleas and Rhododendron I just love them.


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