Friday, 14 June 2013

The Yellow and The White

Despite the forecast, today proved to be a lovely one, with intermittent sunshine and quite warm. I spend this morning stewarding the ongoing exhibition of the Peebles Embroiderers' Guild in the Tweeddale Gallery (still on till next Friday) and when I came home dedicated some time to taking photographs in our garden. Things are moving fast there. One day the laburnum tree by our gate had a few leaves and then it was suddenly bathed in rich yellow beauty. It seems that this tree too, like many of the wild flowers, has enjoyed our strange weather patterns. I don't think it has ever looked as good as this. We planted it ourselves back when we first came here. I think it was in the spring of 1996. I have always had a yearning to have a Golden Rain tree in our garden. Golden Rain is what this tree is called in The Netherlands.
Other trees we planted included many lilac trees which were given to us by people in our lane with the assurance that they would do very well in the conditions we garden in i.e. very high up (900 ft) and very exposed. They were right and these trees too have just started to flower and spread their delightful scent around. A real joy for the eyes.
The laburnum however is my favourite tree in all the garden. It might only put on a show for a very brief period of time but while it lasts it can't be bettered as far as I'm concerned.

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