Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bunting, Bubbly, Bonnets and Blooms

Today was the last meeting of the season for the Thistle Quilters and we had a "Bunting, Bubbly 'n' Bonnets" theme which as you can see above was a great success. Taking photographs means you don't have to appear in them so I gladly volunteered! Above almost all the bonnets on show and a glimpse of the bubbly too (non alcoholic, I hasten to add but no less delectable for that). 

 A lot of fun was had by all as can be seen by the above portraits of Liz and Jane!
And some more serious things were also discussed, here between Marjory and Rosie! Rosie is a wizard at making it yourself with the most simple means, and coming up with the most stunning results! Her fabulous flowery bonnet started life as a cardboard box.
 Some people looked exceedingly elegant even though they too had made their own bonnet, entirely from scratch. This is Jan.
And here is another glimpse of Rosie's bonnet as well as that of Carol, that was inspired by Votes for Women, and uses the colours of the suffragettes. In the background you can see some of Thistle's bunting. Every member made a pennant and Jane put them all together beautifully.
I personally was very much taken by Jane's hat, which she had bought on a recent trip to Thailand. So colourful and fun.
 And more details here of the bonnets. By the way everyone gave me permission to feature them here!

As you can see I borrowed the title for our event and added blooms as well ( so great that starts with a B too!) which I photographed in our garden on my return. No excuses for featuring that laburnum flower again!
And our Lilies of the Valley are also away now by the front door, spreading their delicious scent.
Finally I blipped the valerian plant when it was in bud earlier here. It's now fully out so I could not resist the temptation to feature it again on my blip as well as here.


Linda said...

love all those bonnets Frieda!! You didn't show the one you wore? Looks like a grand time was had by all. Gorgeous flower photos-that lily of the valley...mmmm

Linda said...

The bonnets are amazing in their variety-fun to see them. Lillies of the Valley ar a favorite and love the scent.


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