Thursday, 4 July 2013

Klimtesque 7

The months seem to fly past and already I'm past the midway point of my Klimt Journal Quilts. I'm making one each month for the Contemporary Quilt Group. They are sized 12 x 8" and we had to set ourselves a theme for the entire year. Mine, as you will probably know by now, is the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.
 For July I've chosen the above detail of his painting Judith II, painted in 1909, as my starting point.
I strip pieced in a higgledy piggledy way a combination of batik fabrics and that black and gold fabric, itself inspired by those very typical Klimt spirals. I cut strips from the strip pieced fabric and sewed them back together, interspersed by a larger piece of the spiral fabric. Then I machined quilted that middle bit and hand quilted the strip piecing. Embellishments were added as shown and of course seed beads were also used for further decoration. Eventually all these Journal Quilts will be put together into one large Klimtesque quilt at the end of the year so I'm keeping that in mind as I go along.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

amazing! I can't wait (oh yes I can - you will delight me as I wait) -I'll enjoy so much seeing the finished piece with all the journal quilts stitched together!! xo

Georgina said...

I think Klimt would be impressed!

Linda said...

I love your choice of fabrics-especially the background piece-fantastic quilt and stitching!


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