Wednesday, 3 July 2013

We've got the power


We spend the day powerless because a large electricity pole nearby had to be renewed. When the electricians came a few days ago they said it would probable not take the entire day, but you know what they say about famous last words! It only returned just in time for me to watch Andy Murray win his tennis game. As ever it took even longer to restore our broadband connection. Sometimes I think Iris, the messenger of the gods, would do a quicker job!

Here she is, in two different versions, flowering close together in our garden. The black one started first and with lots of blooms, while the yellow flower is the only one at the moment although there are more buds.

It's only when there is no electricity that you realise how much we depend on it. I spend yesterday charging everything I could find: electric toothbrush, camera, iPad, laptop, water flosser, you name it, I plugged it in. We popped into the village for lunch, despite the fact that we cook on gas! I blipped in my by now very familiar lay-by and was spooked by a huge herd of cows and calfs, all keen to get in on the act. I also spend most of the day working in my painting shed because there is no electricity there anyway, so I couldn't miss it! Strange or what! But at least very productive.

It's great to be back in power now.


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