Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mysteries of the Woods Journal Quilt

Some days ago I showed you the fabrics I painted in anticipation of making this journal quilt (see the post here) for the latest theme on the Sketchbook Challenge site, which is In the Woods. My wood is definitely a summer one where the trees are in full leaf. As I suspected when painting the fabrics the one with the ash leaf became the focal point in my little (10" square) quilt as you can see above. Apart from my painted leaf fabrics I added some pink in the form of a commercial fabric, just because I had added pink painted dots to some of my painted fabrics. I made a piecing plan for this piece and then it was a simple matter of piecing it all together.
I outline hand quilted around the various leaf shapes and also added more hand quilting where it seemed appropriate. The dragonfly seemed to belong in my wood. She came from Vintaj, and I added some alcohol inks to her in blue shades as I have seen so many blue dragonflies recently on the Blipfoto site.
Of course the next step was to add some more embellishments in the shape of beads as you can see in detail above. I'm quite pleased with how this journal quilt turned out although once again I came nowhere near using a sketchbook for the challenge. I just designed it in my head before and during the painting of the fabrics. Oh well!


Frieda Oxenham said...

Lenna Young Andrews has left a new comment on your post "Mysteries of the Woods Journal Quilt":

well I don't think it matters you designed it all in your head instead of the sketchbook in the end, in my humble opinion! Glad you got the inspiration from the sketchbook site for your theme here or impetus to create even . . . because this is awesome Frieda!!! I love-love-love it and then love it some more! I feel honored to have seen your photos of first printing the fabric and then get to see what you did with it - wow! xo

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Posted by Lenna Young Andrews to Frieda Oxenham at 18 July 2013 12:13

Frieda Oxenham said...

Sorry, Lenna. I hit the wrong button by mistake and almost deleted your wonderful comment, but managed to retrieve it as seen above. xox

Terri said...

Oh I love this journal quilt! First off, I love that you painted the leaves, then I adore the stitching, and all the sweet little beads. The dragonfly, with it's new colors is a perfect balance for your large fern. This really is incredible! And again, I love hearing your process. You always inspire me! I have yet to do the actual "quilting" of my first quilt and I wonder if I could just play and stitch and not do it traditionally?
so glad you are really happy with it too : )

Jewels said...

Love Love Love this Frieda!


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