Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rose Garden

No, I was never promised a rose garden by anyone but nevertheless have ended up with roses in my garden! And what beauties they are. Above is Mme Legras de St. Germain.

We don't know who she was. But I imagine her as a tall, willowy beauty, with slightly loose morals. She probably also had an air of mystery about her. Men loved and adored her but never really got to know her. She wafted through life, leaving in her trail the remnants of her glorious scent. She died before she could be conquered by old age, leaving us to wonder about her secrets, buried with her. She always wore Chanel and never lost her heart. She enjoyed her affairs but they were just a bit of fun. She was une grande dame, une femme fatale, but remained a little girl inside!

In fact the origin of the name of this rose is lost in the mists of time and none of my many rose books shed any light on it, so I made up a history of her, based entirely on her appearance.

She is not the only beauty of our garden although she is the star. 

This is New Dawn

And here is Albertine, who is a bit of a messy girl but her beauty makes up for that habit. 

There are many more and they are all putting on their most beautiful outfits to try and outshine each other. More of these lovely ladies will feature here in days to come!


peggy gatto said...

Exquisite pictures and divine descriptions!!!!!!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful roses right in your own garden, with a wonderful history! Your version is beautifully written and I would stick with it ;)

Jewels said...

ha ha Frieda - loved your beginning sentence - check this out: Your ladies are gorgeous...J


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