Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Return of Autumn and Spring

Sweet Spring detail
Ever since I started submitting quilts to shows and exhibitions some 20 years or so ago, I have tried to device a system to keep track of what goes where, when and how. First by hand, then by Excel and other programs, all with mixed success. So far I have not gone disastrously wrong with sending them although I once almost submitted a quilt to a show that had already been sold. I was saved  by waking up in the middle of the night remembering that fact and destroying the entry form. So entering the forms and shipping the quilts has thus far been without incident.

It's a different matter with quilts coming back. This always seems to catch me by surprise. Quilts turn up in the mail or by courier and I can't think which one it could be.  This year (as I've entered more shows than normal) it has been particularly bad. I can sort of forgive myself  for being surprised by Glorious Autumn returning home (see detail below) from the Malvern Quilt Show as this happened at around the same time as the Loch Lomond Quilt Show when there was quite a lot of other things going on. This quilt was lucky enough to attract a Judge's Choice at that show and the certificate made me so happy (it's great when someone gets what I wanted to convey!). It said: "Exquisite, minutiae of detail and bead embellishment. Pure joy". Compliments like that don't come your way every day!
Glorious Autumn detail
You would have thought that I would be on the lookout for the return of Sweet Spring that had been to the National Quilt Championships at Sandown the weekend before last, but once again I looked at the parcel and guiltily thought: " Oh dear, what have I ordered that is this large?". On this occasion I wasn't guilty (quite unusual!) and it was the quilt back from Grosvenor Shows (beautifully packed too!) with a large purple rozette as it had won the 2nd Prize in the Large Wallhangings category.  So it did do better than it's Autumn sister quilt but if I'm totally honest with myself (and I find that's much the best policy) I was happier with the comment than the prize, although of course I was over the moon with the rozette! The comment is a direct link between someone who viewed my work and commented on it on a very personal level and I value such comeback very highly. One of the very best moments in my art life happened when someone came to me during an large exhibition of my work with tears in her eyes saying that seeing it had made her feel that emotional. If anyone ever asks me why I make art that's the best answer I can give. It fills a deep emotional desire within me to make it and if it can fill some emotional need in others just to view it, that's enough.


Terri said...

Oh your Autumn quilt is glorious! Oh my! And I totally get why the comment is so much more satisfying than the rosette(nice as it is).

I think you might know by now, that if I saw your quilts in person, I would have tears in my eyes too! I come and visit because you are an Artist, with Vision and Ability to carry out your vision. You and your art thrill me, inspire me and teach me. I have been learning about you while feasting my eyes on your wonderful fabric expressions these years since I first met you through Paperwhimsy...(I think PW).
You living your artistic life, being authentic to yourself, supports me too and other artists here in Bloglandia in being brave to keep creating.
You are an amazing wonderful Soul...I "see" that. I am thankful for YOU.

Linda said...

well said Frieda-and I know how that woman feels because your exquisite art moves me much the same way. Congratulations on your well deserved honors my friend!


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