Friday, 30 August 2013

A Purple Treat

For a few moments this morning it looked like we would have a sunshine filled day, but as soon as I had moved breakfast to the table outside it started to cloud over and the sun hasn't been seen since. That will teach me! But in that brief intermezzo I did manage to both spot and then photograph these purple gladioli. They are grown in pots  which is rather convenient as it means I can turn the pots in the direction most suited to photography and these pictures are the result.
I'm quite pleased all festivities have come to an end and normal life (whatever normal is!) can resume in peace and tranquillity. The day has been spend stitching interrupted with painting or perhaps that should be the other way around. My painting had to dry and while that happened I stitched. It will be quite some time before I have my 2000th blip although sadly my next birthday is already less than a year away! Hopefully I will loose sight of that fact before too long.
To me my birthday also signifies that summer is coming to an end and autumn is knocking at the door. It starts officially here on the 1st September but the feeling of fall is in the air. Leaves have started to turn, fungi are everywhere as are toadstools and mushrooms. There is a distinct chill in both the wind and the rain and last night the idea of lighting the stove was a distinctly attractive one. But that also means the evenings are both darker and cosier. More time to curl up by the fire and read, knit, bead and stitch. There are good things to all seasons but oh, how I will miss the sunshine of summer.

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