Sunday, 1 September 2013

More Painting

Our multi-fuel stove is going because this was a very windy and chilly day. Walking the dogs this morning against the wind demonstrated clearly that autumn has reached out a chilly finger and touched us. Time to do up those zips on my summer jacket and make sure the greyhound is wearing her fleece to keep her warm and contented.
Despite that I spend quite a bit of time in my painting shed to work on what I'm showing you here. These pieces started life as file folders and will eventually end up in a journal following the instructions on the Mixed Media Mania class by Roben-Marie Smith. At the moment I'm just enjoying playing with all my different acrylic inks. I'm so enchanted with the process that I aim to have more signatures in that journal than the class requires.
I used a lot of stencils, mainly from office supply places with different shapes such as ovals, circles. alphabets and stars but for some reason it also features a heart (made me wonder what sort of office would use that one regularly!).
Doilies and sequin waste (also known as punchinella) were put to good use too and I let the ink drip to it's heart's content.
 A lot of gesso was thrown in for good measure and following Robin-Marie's instructions.
I also collaged with vintage materials on one of the folders first before painting and you can see the result of that above. Eventually I will show you the finished journal but there is still a long way to go. I don't allow myself that much time to play at the moment as I'm in the process of hand quilting quite a large quilt and that takes priority!


Jewels said...

Love your pages Frieda! I have been working on Robin-Marie's 21 secrets class when I can - just not enough time I'm afraid. When did it suddenly become Fall!

Terri said...

Oh how lovely! I didn't know you were into painting! Yay! I love your colors and layers and everything : )
This class looks really creative and fun. I am glad you are enjoying yourself. I have been away on my month long computer break and just back on now...I had to run over here to visit you! I see from all your previous posts you have been having great outings! Yay! And I loved seeing that beautiful image of your special man! He is handsome!

Dotty said...

I love those pages. The layered effect is lovely. I felt a little Autumnal nip this morning!

Linda said...

your pages are really wonderful Frieda!!! What gorgeous color and depth they have-love them!


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