Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Single Step Journal Quilt

The August theme on the Sketchbook Challenge site is Journeys so it was time to make another 10" square journal quilt on that subject.  My first impulse was to make a Venice inspired one but I have made so many already and it seemed a bit too easy to indulge myself in that way. So I started to think about journeys and one of the things that came to mind was the quotation by the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu (640BC-531BC): "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Still so true today and I have made many journeys in my life, both literally and figuratively speaking and they all began like that. And what do we use to take that first step: our feet!
I drew around the outline of my own foot, cut it out and then collaged images from my own journeys on top to fill up the foot image. From the left (the toes) the images were taken in Canada, Germany (top), Amalfi (bottom), Lido di Jesolo (top), Rome (bottom), Yorkshire (top), Rimini (bottom), Tunisia (top), Villa d'Este (bottom), Tunis, Rome, Venice airport, Etruscan area of Italy.  I photographed the result on our entrance mat, as that seemed rather appropriate (see above).
I scanned in the foot and printed in onto fabric both as it was and in mirror image so that I ended up with two feet that had started taking those first steps towards ...... Well, who knows. The rest of my life!
I appliquéd the feet using hand button hole stitch.  I hand quilted the background and found a black fabric with Italian postage stamp images for the binding. What a lucky discovery in my stash. I knew it would come in handy one day. The final step was to bead around the outline of the feet as well as alongside the binding.

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