Friday, 23 August 2013

My Inner Voice

I spend the day painting. That hadn't been the plan, but I sneaked into my painting shed this morning and somehow never came out again till it was time for lunch and tea. I'm working on large canvas pad sheets for another class about which more in future and it proved very addictive. Somewhere along the way I left the class instructions behind and simply did whatever I fancied, using all my delectable art supplies, including among much else oil pastels, spray paints, acrylics, stamps, stencils, drawing with water dissolvable pencils, white pens, making a gigantic mess in the process, covering my hands in paints (my clothes too, if I'm honest) and even developed a rubbing injury on my finger which I used to spread the ink out (don't ask me why, I'm awash in brushes!). I also journalled on the page and clearly I was still thinking about my journal quilt from yesterday.  I also used up an entire pot of clear gesso. Trip to Hobbycraft has been added to the agenda. This canvas will be cut up in the near future once I go back and check out the exact requirements for the class but needless to say I photographed the sheets (I did 3) extensively to use in the future.
Here are some close-ups. I loved finding all the little details hidden within this one sheet (seen at the top) and discovering some really treasures there. Roben Marie Smith (whose class it is) produces booklets with details of her art and I can now understand the attraction although in my case I would print them out onto fabric and use them in that way.
 It all started with collaging papers onto the canvas pad sheets and you can just glimpse some text paper detail above.
I have tried to do the same with my hand writing, hiding it behind some white gesso and acrylics but letting it come through a bit.

What does the title of this post mean? I was reading Julie Balzer's most recent blog post (you can find it here) where she mentions the tendency of writing 7 word biographies and of course I could not resist giving it a try and here it is:

artist who listens to her inner voice

That's where the painting and those journal quilts as well as my large quilts come from! 


peggy gatto said...

It is so wonderful, energy, layers, love of what you are creating, I see it!!!!

Leslie said...

Ha! I knew that was Roben-Marie class piece the instant I saw it. Mainly cause I have a few of them myself! That class sure got me to use more layers in my work and I was quite happy with all the finished projects. Love all the colors - reminds me a bit of a Miro.

Linda said...

this is a pure burst of color and happiness! Wonderful Frieda!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

yes, YEs YES!!!! Thank goodness you listen to your inner voice Frieda : ) I swear you are delighting me more and more each day with your photography and art both paper & fabric . . . you know we have been friends for many years now and you would think it wasn't possible for you to surprise me, but you do. Over and over again with something new and delightful and more intoxicating than before (if that is possible) -ha! I have been giggling with delight first at blip and then here where more and more was revealed to me. I am so happy you are inspired by the classes you've bee taking and you are diving in completely and listening to your artist's soul & voice. This makes me smile BIG and is such an inspiration to me. Sorry to go on & on but I had to tell you. xoxox happy creative day! I can see yours has certainly been. Sending love, lenna

Jewels said...

lol Frieda - I'd love a My Inner Voice day in the art shed - you have really been trying some great things. Love what you are doing :)


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