Friday, 27 September 2013

Geese Migration

The first sign was the noise. It was deafening but also familiar. It's the time of year when the geese get together to prepare for their journey to warmer places further south. They swoop and swerve and seem to be having intense discussions about the travel arrangements. I could see them in their hundreds, or even thousands, in the distance and I grabbed the camera to try and capture them. I climbed several fences and took many pictures, most of them total rubbish as the zoom was at it's maximum setting and the geese are constantly on the move. Not the scenario for successful photography. The one above is the best out of the lot and although not great it will remind me in times to come that in 2013 the geese left on this day, the 27th September. /There will no doubt be some stragglers who will leave it a bit later but the great mass of them have departed to pastures new.

When the geese had disappeared over the horizon and silence had returned to the field I focused my eyes from their skywards direction to my more direct surroundings and was confronted by some sheep who must have been watching my antics with interest. They weren't quite sure if this wild woman with her large zoom lens was a threat or merely a diversion. Eventually they decided I meant them no harm and returned to their peaceful grazing.


1 comment:

Terri said...

Oh that is such a cute story! I am picturing those sheep watching you jump from stop to stop frantically trying to do something....I wonder what they were thinking! lol!

I think your geese photo is fab. I totally understand the level of difficulty in acquiring a clear shot of them as they flew. You did well.
You know how people see shapes and things in clouds? Well, when I first looked at the geese I saw a smiley face and then a snowman! Can you see it too, or am I cracking up??? lol!


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