Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn in Dawyck

We had promised ourselves that we would go to Dawyck Botanical Gardens just as soon as we had a nice day and today was it. We needed to renew our membership and we were also keen to see the colour changes that had taken place for autumn. It was fascinating to see that some trees had turned colour almost completely while others had some red leaves and some yellow while still others were completely green. Above the Dawyck Cherry.
 This red tree could be seen from all directions as it was sticking up above the green surroundings.
 I slithered down to it to capture a detail of the gorgeous leaves.
 The autumn flowering colchicum were out in force too. This variety is colchicum speciosum. 
I love these flowers not just because they provide some glorious colour at a time of year when most flowers are over but also because they have that delicious purple/orange complimentary colour scheme I like so much.
 This is a different variety, and these ones stand higher off the ground like a regiment of purple soldiers.
Talking about colour inspiration, you couldn't go far wrong taking inspiration from this multi shaded leaf. Such depth and richness can only be found at this time of year and it's one of the reasons why I don't mind autumn's arrival.
This is one of Dawyck's many little bridges surrounded by bamboo. A reminder that in the spring we had planned to plant some of this in our own garden but somehow we never got around to doing it. Oh well, there is always next year!

And a special mention for one of my faithful blog readers: Happy birthday, Mum! Hope you had a great day out.


Linda said...

wow- that red tree amongst all the greenery is amazing! Fab photos-love the bridge with the bamboo surrounding it.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos, the colours are so inspiring. Beware the bamboo, make sure it's a clumping one or you'll be surrounded by a jungle in no time!


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