Thursday, 5 September 2013

Klimtesque 9 Journal Quilt

The rhythm of the year is partly defined by the journal quilts I'm making monthly. Twelve of those will be for the Journal Quilt challenge on the Contemporary Quilt group. The requirements for these are first of all the size (12 x 8" horizontal orientation) and secondly the theme. We all had to choose one theme for the entire year and mine is the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.
The detail I've chosen for inspiration this month comes from a detail of The Embrace, a part of the Stoclet Palace Friece 1909.
My version is even more lavishly decorated than Klimt's piece. As well as masses of hand stitching I added buttons and beads as you can see on the detail above. The applique is all done with raw edges and gold stitching.
At the end of this year I hope to put all the Journal Quilts together into one large Klimtesque quilt.


Terri said...

Oh my goodness! I am thrilled to see this new journal quilt! The design you have created is so amazing...and yes, even more embellished then Klimt! I love love love all the color, stitching, and strength of this piece. So rich! I am really anticipating seeing all the journals connected in one glorious quilt! Yay!

Linda said...

oh Frieda what an utterly gorgeous quilt-the stitching, colors and beading are just divine!!


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