Monday, 2 September 2013

Arts in Peebles

I was long overdue for an artist's date in which I go and visit somewhere and try and get in touch with myself. We've been out and about a lot this summer but almost always together. That's great but just occasionally I feel the need to wander around by myself usually visiting exhibitions so I can take my time and can also let myself get sidetracked by whatever comes across my path. The Peebles Arts Festival is still on till the end of this week so today I went and took in some shows I hadn't managed to see yet. I started at the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery and was struck by the beautiful flower display in the courtyard which also houses the Peebles War Memorial (the building with the copper roof above).
The begonias were at their most stunning and I almost lay on the ground to take this detail. Love that white/yellow combination. Then I entered (no photography inside) and visited the Crossing Borders exhibition (still on till the end of this week) featuring artists from the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. The art on display included woodwork, jewellery, ceramics as well as photography and painting.

Then on to the top floor (where I had my solo exhibition in 2011) to see the Borders Boys (on till 2nd November). This is an exhibition of male artists all having a connection with the Scottish Borders. My favourite among them is Bernat Klein, who is perhaps best known for his textile designs. His paintings are pure colour, with a great deal of textural painting. You want to reach out and touch, but I also wanted to drown myself in his colour compositions. Oh if only I had some money to spare I knew exactly which one I would have wanted to take home!
After that I roamed around Peebles seeing art in shop windows and galleries. I made my way back to the car using Northgate where I came across a most imposing doorway, as seen above.  It turned out to belong to the Lodge Peebles Kilwinning No24,  part of the Freemasons, which has been in existence since 1716.
This is a detail from above the door, with the Mason's shield. The text in Latin reads: "in deo est omnia fides", which translates as: all trust is in God. I was quite surprised I had never noticed it before. This is where my daily photograph on the Blipfoto site has made such a difference. I am observing even more of my surroundings as before and finding all kinds of hidden gems wherever I go.


Linda said...

I too think it's nice to go it alone to see some art and be able to absorb at your own pace. That door sure is imposing but a great architectural structure nonetheless. Of course you would have been attracted to the textile artist :) Gorgeous flower photo!

Jewels said...

Wow that door is really something! Thanks for sharing. I think I am due for an art date too! I just don't have the same cool places to go to like you LOL


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