Friday, 20 September 2013

Scottish Quilt Championships

Today was the first day of the Scottish Quilt Championships held at Ingliston (near the airport) in Edinburgh. I had entered three quilts and they obliged me by gaining a rozette each. The one above was on it's first outing. It's called Double Doodle and I will tell you more about it in a future post. It was hanging right under a spotlight which made photography difficult. But the good news is that I had also arranged a blipmeet with Jenny, known on Blipfoto as The Wren. She photographed both me and my quilt. Here is the link. It was so lovely to meet her again as well as her quilting group. 
Here is a detail of Double Doodle and it gained a Judges Merit rozette.
If you are a regular reader of this blog you will be familiar with La Serenissima, see above. It has been a very successful quilt and  won 3rd Prize Large Wallhangings here as well as a Judges Choice (from Pat Archibald).
I had one final quilt in the show and you can see that at top left of the photograph (again you may well have seen this quilt Thread Tangle before) with the yellow rozette which signified a 3rd Prize Small Wallhangings.
And finally an overview of the centre aisle in the show with two of my quilts on view. It was very busy and I met up with lots of friends which was great. Bought lots of essentials but not much fabric (only 2 Fat Quarters) so was quite pleased with myself. However I will return to the show on Sunday to collect my quilts at the end of the day so plenty of time for fabric purchases left!

As you can tell our wifi is back up but there are still some issues with it. When someone phones us on the landline it can throw off the broadband and as we are so far from the telephone exchange it takes ages to get it back up. I will admit freely here that I'm an online junkie so I find such episodes far from pleasant, specially when those phone calls come unasked from international call centres trying to flog you something. But this has been such a gorgeous day that even that can't get me down at the moment.


Georgina said...

Well deserved accolades Frieda! Your way with colour is a delight. I sympathise re Broadband - we are a long way from an exchange and wondering about going for satellite - I work and play online and feel most irked without it (as is often the case...)

Jewels said...

Wahoo Frieda - how wonderful for you - looks like a great show...

Linda said...

Congrats on the ribbons Frieda! I feel that every one of your quilts deserves a ribbon. Your work is incredibly detailed and just stunning!


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