Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thistle Quilters Meeting

You can tell it's autumn because all my groups have started up again. Last Tuesday it was the start for the Peebles Embroidery Guild and today it was the first meeting of the Thistle Quilters. With groups come committees and with those come changes on a regular basis. Today it was the turn of the previous chairperson to step down and she received a beautiful bouquet in thanks. I immediately grabbed it for my blip today!
Members of the committee (and I am one) got together some weeks back to make her some bunting too, using vintage materials such as tablecloths and hankies. We managed to produce quite a length and you can see about half of it above.
 This is a close-up.
And here are the ones I made, not during that meeting, but ahead of time so that I could use some of my own vintage collection of laces, hankies and old linen. Of course I could not resist adding some beads!


Jewels said...

Yes Frieda - my quilting Guild started up this month - always lovely to see what folks have been doing over the summer. LOVE the bunting - gave me a great idea for one of my rooms!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

: ) looks very happy to me! Glad you have these guilds, committees, friends & flowers :)


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