Thursday, 24 October 2013

Autumn in the Garden

We had a glorious afternoon and although we had been planning a visit somewhere in the end the lure of the wood cutting and quilt making persuaded us to remain at home. My quilt was finished early afternoon (on to the next one!) and afterwards I wandered around our own garden. The beauty there is enough to satisfy anyone and I treated it today as if it was a garden I was visiting. Many pictures were taken as in the sunshine it all looked wonderfully autumnal. The music of the chainsaw accompanied me where ever I went! Above one of the little beech trees which isn't so little any more.
 The secret wood.
 Everywhere the colours are on the turn.
 Ligularia seed head/
 The sun shining through the leaves produces a wonderful impressionistic view.
 In the distance the Pentland Hills and in the foreground the most photographed tree (by me!) around.
 One of our birch trees.
 Finally my eye fell on the fern fronds. These too have changed colour without me noticing and now almost look toasted.


fabriquefantastique said...

My favorite time of year. The ferns are fascinating.

Jewels said...

Very nice Frieda - we are having a cold front come down from my homeland Canada - snow, rain, sleet ugh LOL

Terri said...

Beautiful autumnal scenery!


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