Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Strange Autumn

It is the strangest autumn. Roses are budding, there are new sunflowers coming out daily, our nasturtiums are still going strong and the hollyhocks, as you can see, are reaching for the sky. And today all that happened in sunshine, as least for part of the afternoon. It looks deceptive as it was also very windy and far from warm. But still it could have been a breezy summer's day here in the Scottish Borders.
I'm also sharing the 2 pictures below which were my blips for the previous days. I'm on the finishing straight of finishing the large quilt I have been working on for quite some time and when that happens I give myself full rein and plenty of time to simply get on with it. At those times the laptop in my studio doesn't get switched on so that I won't get distracted by the ping of incoming e-mails or the lure of video lessons. Instead I simply stitch away like a woman possessed! The end is near, hopefully in the coming few days.
The above picture was taken in the depth of our nearby evergreen forest and while I was on the hunt for mushroom or toadstool pictures. I was too late. They had already come and gone and instead I ended up with pine needles in the most unexpected places (don't ask!). But it looks good on the only picture that I eventually took during that day.
And this is one of the sedums, flowering very late. So late that there were no bees around any longer to feast on these always very popular with them flowers.

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Jill said...

It's certainly been a weird year all round weather wise.


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