Thursday, 28 November 2013


What is the significance of that number mentioned in the title? Well, 1095 is three times 365! And I've reached my 1095th blip today, which means I have been uploading daily photographs to the Blipfoto site for 3 consecutive years without interruption. Blip doesn't include leap years in its calculations and that's the reason I have reached this milestone today. I actually started blipping on the 30th November 2010 and that seems at one and the same time like yesterday and like it was an eternity ago.

I seem to have no problem finding a daily picture although needless to say on some days those pictures are easier to find than on others. Like many other people on Blip it's the commenting that I have problems with occasionally. When you're not careful that can take over your life and there are days that I'm simply not in the mood or don't have the time. From now onwards I will give myself permission to simply abstain on such occasions.

On the other hand I love the contact with people from far and wide and I have learned an incredible amount from fellow blippers on a wide range of different subjects so it's very appropriate on this, Thanksgiving Day to say a HUGE thank you to them all and to the Blipfoto team (based in good old Edinburgh) for making it all possible.
Will I stop? Will I heck! Blip is way too much fun to give up on so I will continue and no doubt get in the same flap as before during those times when our dodgy broadband has one of its bad moments and I panic about the blip. Just for blip I have a mobile broadband subscription so I can use my iPad from nearby lay-bys!

The weather gods were very kind for my blip festivities as the sun was shining on our hill while below the mist still hung around in the valley. Thus I was able to stop on my way to Edinburgh and take the pictures shown above, of which the top one became my blip. The bridge you see there is very much like the railway bridge next to our house and was on the same railway line but is now located in the middle of a field, still with a sign next to it showing the maximum load that can cross! You can see the fog below and above the wonderful cloud formations.

I went on a flying visit to Edinburgh to hand over my secret project to the next person so I can cross that of my list. So satisfying. All in all definitely a day to say thanks for!

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