Saturday, 30 November 2013

A New Beginning

Due to the strange calculations by the Blipfoto site (such as ignoring the extra day in leap years) it's in fact today 3 years ago that I uploaded my very first image to the site. You can see it below and also here. As you can see the weather was completely different from today. Then we had snow and frost and today we had a beautiful (albeit cold) start to the day and although the sunshine didn't last long the day was quite okay weather wise. I took the above picture that became my blip for today, during my trip to Peebles to take in an exhibition and a craft fair.
I have been rather astonished (actually, make that flabbergasted!) by the wonderful reactions and comments for my 1095th blip birthday (see previous post) and when I feel down and depressed in future I will return to that blip and read all the comments left there and I'm sure it will serve as an immediate pick-me-up! That sky picture reached the top of the Spotlight page too, which was an additional bonus. It took me all that day to respond to all the comments and by the end of that day I was completely google eyed but what a treat it all was. Joining Blip is one of the best things I've ever done, both for my personal development and also for my artistic one.

I hope that my photography has  improved substantially in the intervening 3 years between the 2 pictures shown above but in all honesty I think that first one was not bad at all either!

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Irene said...

Frieda your photos are just lovely. They always have a WOW factor. Irene


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