Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dawn Greeting

The sun and the moon had a chance to greet each other this frosty morning. I opened the curtains to be greeted by the sight of the almost full moon still high in the sky and on the other side of the house the first rays of the sun were visible low on the horizon. The beauty this produced when walking the dogs on the railway line caught in between the two was almost indescribable.

The top of the Pentland Hills (seen above from our garden) caught the first sunlight while above them the moon was still radiating it's fullness. 
But during my dog walk the moon was sinking fast and when I turned around to come home again it was barely above the top of the trees any longer.
Despite the light from these two heavenly bodies the earth itself was frozen and on the moors very bleak looking. I wore a scarf for the first time and felt the finger of winter stretching out and touching me softly. If it comes like this bathed in beauty I can only welcome it!


Georgie Horn said...

Stunning! Simply Stunning!

Leslie said...

What gorgeous pictures. The first is lovely and the third ones is kind of eerie.

Jewels said...

Lucky you to see both...

Linda said...

beautiful scenery. You are so right , that with beauty like this you can only welcome the changing season.


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