Sunday, 17 November 2013

Autumn's swansong

The day dawned sunny and we decided to pay a visit to Dawyck Botanical Garden after lunch. Sadly by that time it was overcast and rain threatened but despite that we started off with the plan to just have a cup of tea and some shopping in the visitor's centre instead. It was raining when we arrived but the colours beckoned and I persuaded John it would be great to have a walk in the rain. Not sure he totally agreed with this concept but we set off and perversely climbed up to the highest part of the garden. I like walking in the rain specially when it isn't cold or windy, and had a wonderful time admiring the colours. Not sure if John enjoyed himself quite as much!
I notice when looking back over my computer pictures file of Dawyck 2013 (and I'm sure it's also valid for previous years) that I seem to have an obsession with photographing groups of trees. It's hard to put into words why I find such images immensely satisfying to look at. It has to do with all those pleasing verticals.
 I'm not sure if I became a quilter because of my love for such mathematical arrangements or if it works the other way around: I love them because it reminds me of quilting patterns and designs.
And then there is the colour! I know that this has been and will always be an enduring love affair!
When the two are combined into one picture, my cup really runneth over! I knew the minute I took the above picture that it was today's winner of the What to Blip contest!
Sometimes I love to zoom in very close and very often those are my most favourite picture but not today. Although the above picture isn't at all disappointing! These two, by the way, feature the Cotoneaster Ascendens. We have many different cotoneasters in our own garden but not this variety! Might have to rectify that!
 And the colouring in these beautifully shapes leaves is equally delightful although a bit more subdued.
 Some colours were a lot more in your face such as the one above. Gorgeous combination of orange and red.
 And how about that red against all the greens?  The season for that will soon be upon us!
And although these aren't trees I still love all those wonderful lines reaching up, and despite the fact that I would probably nominate brown as my least favourite shade it looks stunning here.


Jewels said...

Wonderful Frieda - I love these different compositions - my favorite too (trees and such)...

Dotty said...

Your pictures are beautiful- I'm sure they'll be a great source of inspiration!


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