Thursday, 7 November 2013

Klimtesque 11 Journal Quilt

This is November's Klimt dedicated Journal Quilt. Only one more to go and that one is well under way! I'm making this small (12 x 8") Journal Quilts for the challenge set by the Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilters' Guild. We had to choose one theme for the entire year and mine, as you probably know by now, is the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.
I've chosen another detail of the Sketch for The Knight for the Stoclet Palace Frieze, 1909. This has been my source of inspiration for several of the Journal Quilts and the entire Stoclet Palace Frieze is among my most favourite of Klimt's work. It's such a shame that at the moment and for quite some time now this Palace (located in Brussels) is not available for public viewing and we can only hope that Klimt's work is still safe and secure within it's walls.
As you can see I've taken the liberty of turning the ovals on their side for my interpretation as it worked so much better that way. I've used the same batiks in all the journal quilts as I hope to put them together into one large Klimtesque quilt at the end of the year. Apologies for the shine but with a gold fabric that is almost unavoidable.The piece is partly pieced, then machine appliqued and hand and machine quilted.
Of course I had to add embellishment in the spirit of Klimt who was a master or ornamentation! You can see details of the beads and other adornments above.


Terri said...

Klimtesque 11 is fabulous!!!
Oh wow! I love the interpretation of the ovals. You do it beautifully with the smaller and larger centers. The silvery/grey fabric sides work so well with your other colors and stitches. You do the embellishments so well too! It all comes together to bring about a rich, yet calm design. Bravo!

Nina Marie said...

Ohhhh love this - and I think Kilmt would too! Off the Wall friday is open if you'd like to link up with us!


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