Saturday, 16 November 2013

The clouds roll in

The clouds looked like waves rolling in and were so spectacular while I was driving along the A702. Sadly there is no place to stop on that busy road so I had to wait till I reached our little lane before I could park and take the picture. That means the radio mast also made it in but no matter. This is the reason why I can blip from the lay-by if need be, so I'm very pleased it's there!

This is my blip for today and I have also submitted it to the Lovers of Light competition on Blip. I took it on my way home from the Thistle Quilters meeting. I haven't blogged a lot this past week as I'm working away fiendishly on my secret project. Sometimes I feel that steam is coming out of my head. There is no way I can keep up this kind of work rate for too long and I will have to take time off soon in order to preserve my sanity (or what's left of that!). Tomorrow is promising to be a sunny day so that would be a great time for an outing!

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