Sunday, 29 December 2013

A beautiful Sunrise

While walking the dogs in the semi gloom I could see an orange glow above the hills in the distance. It promised to be a beautiful sunrise. So after dropping the dogs off at home, I continued with my camera along the lane and was rewarded for my efforts. First of all I discovered these lovely fungi on a tree trunk by the side of our garden. This is the sort of detail you miss when in a car.
Then I noticed that the sun was just about to make his appearance over the hills. I could never get bored of seeing this happen, with the look changing from minute to minute.
 The cloudscape above was also such a delight with the soft fluffing clouds over the darker mass below.
And then came the most spectacular show of all!

1 comment:

massofhair said...

Truly spectacular, gorgeous warm golden honey tones :-)


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