Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Art of Randomness

What a day and night we had. It was unbelievably wild out there and I blipped at the crack of dawn yesterday morning just in case we lost our electricity. Fortunately that didn't happen till late in the afternoon and we were lucky enough to get it back quite quickly although it took a bit longer before the wifi was back up and running. But in the end we did get off very lightly compared to people down south who have now been without power since Christmas Eve. And living in towns not many of them seem to have generators to keep them going. It must be hell!

Today is a much better and calmer day and I'm spending these dog days of the year trying to finish up several projects that were started back in the summer. I think that's when I signed up for the Graffiti of my Life online class by Dinah Wakley.  I think it was the title that most attracted me!I'm on my way now with it but it will no doubt be 2014 before I finish. Above you can see one of my pages in the making, although it's still at the very beginning, so lots more will be added.
But isn't it amazing how much more impressive my drop cloth looks. These are pieces of white cotton which I use to mop up the overspill of paints and inks on my stencils and also to pad the painted pages dry. That's all an entirely random activity. I fold it this way and that to find a dry spot to mop with and what I end up with tends to be so much yummier than the art I made intentionally! What does that say?!  Better not to ask but simply be pleased with the end result.
As I needed a daily blip I took quite a few pictures of that drop cloth finding the details I loved best. The good thing of doing this is that I can save the image and if I want, have that little detail reproduced on cloth by Spoonflower and end up with an entirely new fabric that I have "designed". Oh the joy of it. Really I'm so happy to live in a time when all those things are possible technically speaking. The drop cloth itself will also be used in future work but I now know I can always reproduce it should I want to do so.
No doubt you will see more of the work I do in class as well as another project (also painted related, there is a definite trend going on!!) that is now drying and will then be complete. Pictures will be here when we have another day in which the outside world has not much to offer photographically speaking!

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massofhair said...

I do the same thing but with kitchen roll and use the kitchen roll as backgrounds for journal pages.

Think i might try this next year as the medium makes the technique more versatile.

Beautiful colours and i can see why you liked the title of Graffiti, always appeals to my inner child :-) x


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